Thursday, 9 July 2009 comes the weekend!

Thought I'd post a couple of pics taken a few weeks ago
on WTA. Some heavy rain this week has come as welcome
relief to the soil which dried out quickly during the hot spell.
Plans and jobs for the weekend include:
  • Planting out the last brassica seedlings (caulis and sprouts) I have.
  • Sowing autumn carrots.
  • Transplanting reamaining celeraic and sweet corn seedlings
  • A "cheeky sowing"of some more parsnips seeds.
  • Sowing some fennel seeds.
  • Transplanting a mass of golden beetroot seedlings left over from last week.
  • Transplanting 24 dwarf kale seedlings (I there's space!!).

The pics above are of some 'late' pumpkins I grew from seed being planted in a newly established bed. A large piece of carpet dumped in a nearby field by fly tippers last year was initially used to cover the new pumkin bed to kill off grass and weeds and clear the area. Ultimately a good result from a criminal act!

Leeks (grown from 'Wilkos' seed), climbing French beans (Cobra)
and some potatoes (White Wonder I think!) planted from 'left over' sprouting spuds a neighbour gave me in a bag and planted with the help of Johnny Bridgemiester in October last year! Grow well...

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