Sunday, 12 July 2009

Parmex carrots and broad bean bruchetta

No, they're not radishes or golf balls with green stalks,! They're the Parmex carrots and courgettes now in season and being picked nearly every day of WTA...

The size and shape of Parmex carrots makes them extremely versatile. for cooking on the BBQ, being put raw in salads or being steamed. Planting two, four metre rows of 'parmex' seemed pretty ambitious but I'm really glad I gave them the space I did considering the taste how many that already eaten as part of lunches and dinners.

This year I've stuck with Thompson and Morgan seeds to grow my courgettes (Soliel & Defender) and it's turning out to be another amazing year for these under-rated vegetables.
Take a look at the new WTA 'good recipes' links section to see what's happening with some of the produced including courgettes being picked right now. Fresh courgettes have a real buttery taste to them. and like so many vege benefit from being cooked ASAP after being harvested.

WTA's BBQ Courgette recipe.
1. Heat BBQ grill for 15 minutes.
2. While the BBQ grill is warming pick your courgettes.
3. Cut the Courgette lengths ways into relatively thin strips (about 1cm max).
4. Place courgettes on the BBQ grill.
5. Cook for approximately 10 minutes until char grilled but not limp!
6.Serve and eat (drizzle with virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar if desired)

Nige the psych swung through WTA this weekend. Nige is a "foodie" so it was great to be able to o offer him all that is coning off the plot right now. Last night I went out picked some broad beans (Long Pods) and then made a broad bean bruchetta (see WTA recipe links). The result was stunning if I do say myself! Like courgettes, broad beans are underrated or even hated by many! This is probably because people are used to eating them after the beans have been cooked within an inch of their lives and have a deathly grey appearance about them. Luckily there seems to have been an groundswell amongst chefs to end persecution of this delicious legume with the publication of numerous tremendous recipes for these beans. Going by the prices some supermarkets are charging for broad beans this year, there are plenty of financial benefits to raising these easy-to grow vege.Grow well...

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