Tuesday, 12 May 2009

'Idiot Stick' Injuries

My blistered thumbs are still smarting. This morning, my fellow horticulturalist, 'the hearing scientist' was adamant my gardening stigmata should be covered by plasters to prevent further infection. On Monday, a bloke I know saw my allotment wounds an immediately recognised the said blisters as "idiot stick" injuries - the blisters you get from doing good, old fashioned manual work with metal tools attached to wooden pole. It felt really silly when after explaining how I got my blisters, to one of my students, he looked up at me and asked 'Why didn't you wear gloves?' They really are 'Idiot stick' blisters!

Top mate, all-round top fella and an official 'Friend of Walnut Tree Allotment', Johhny Bridgemeister is sunning himself and drinking brandy on an island somewhere, unavailable to help out on WTA right now. Johnny has a pathological hatred of nettles, especially those popping up in allotment beds. Give him a sharp metal impliment, and this polymath will lay waste, with seething vitriol, to all manner of weeds, and nettles. Having 'gardening mates' like Johnny is pure gold. I just hope the big man is getting his strength up for when he returns - he may be needed on a bed weeding misssion!

My butternut pumpkins planted in one of the 'test' non dig beds are looking strong. I'm a big fan seaweed solution when it comes to watering in seedlings. The 'black stuff' is popular with Aussie gardeners who buy it in 1 Litre containers (the biggest commerically avaliable containers I've seen here are about 200ml). Watering with seaweed solution seems to dramatically reduce seedling transplant shock the liquid is also superb stuff for reviving plants that have been stresssed for some reason or other.

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