Sunday, 17 May 2009

Good fruit trees make great allotment neighbours!

Not much action of WTA today. The rain has been intermittently heavy. This morning there was a chance to set up a few metal arches which, with netting, will protect calabrese seedlings ready for planting out. The courgette seedlings planted yesterday seem to be settling in well and the first planting parsnips are looking fabulous thanks to the protective fleece put over them earlier in the year. The weeds are beginning to look a little ominous right now but a few hours work next week and the return of Johnny Bridgemeister to these shores next week will soon have the problem solved...for a while.

WTA is incredibly fortunate to have some gorgeous apple trees that overhang its boarders. The generous owner of these trees lets me pick virtually as much fruit as I want in the season in exchange for being able to pick some vege when she needs it - a 'win-win' agreement for both of us. Evidently thousands of tons of fruit produced on back yard trees is wasted/left to rot each year in the UK - an anomaly needing to be addressed or in fact capitalised on by those looking for inexpensive and extremely healthy food.

You may have noticed that I have added Old Sleningford Farm to my link list. The website and the farm itself are definitely worth a visit. The folks at Old Sleningford are inspirational in what they have done and what they do in terms of educating others about horticulture and being at the cutting edge .

The Hearing scientist and I found this place thanks to Mariner Tim after we were looking for cider making course to go on last September. We ended up making a trip up to the farm, in picturesque Yorkshire and arrived to find one of the most arguably innovative community projects in out for further posts on WTA wine and cider making. Have a great week and keep growing!

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